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Rod S Hubble b.1947

RS Hubble - Biography

I have had the good fortune to be an artist my entire life.  Growing up in rural New Mexico was beautiful, idyllic and romantic.  My childhood teachers were not artists but they recognized my talent and encouraged me to continue.   I had no idea an artist could make a living painting and when college came around I got a Bachelor's Degree in Theater Arts.  Don't ask me what made me think I could make a living in Theater?!  I did love going to the movies....I guess I've always been a dreamer.

I had several jobs in various professions, finally landing in Manitou Springs, Colorado in 1973 where my painting career began.   My work started out as fantasy painting, more acrylic and watercolor then, and much more decorative. Within a year I was working prolifically in oil.   In the following decade I relocated back to the Northwestern Plateau of New Mexico; "en plein aire" painting was the focus, mostly pure landscape, although I have always enjoyed portraiture, and placing romantic figures or animals in the landscape.  In 1990 I moved to Taos and the artist community was a wonderful energizing force.  I opened a studio/gallery in Taos plaza and thus began my years as an art dealer.  In '97 I moved to Santa Fe and  focused largely on building a collector base through a wonderful gallery I owned and operated on art-famous Canyon Road.  It is difficult, at best, to run a gallery and paint.....but those were glorious years meeting artists and collectors; some of the best in my life.

My life changed dramatically when my beautiful father had a fishing accident and died in 2002.  In '03 I closed the gallery and four years later moved back to my hometown of Farmington, New Mexico, to spend quality time with my aging mother, who lived with me in my home until recently when she passed away in November of 2012.  In the time we shared we lost a nephew and his mother, my dear youngest sister.  These were tragic moments for us....but we were together for them.  It was tenderly painful to be at her side when she made the transition from this life, but my eldest sister and I were honored to help her.  She was a most courageous and amazing person.  All of my work is dedicated to my beautiful parents.  I thought those years on Canyon Road were my best, but they don't compare to the beauty found in the relationship with my beautiful parents and siblings.  Love of God, and the deep warmth and grace of my family is what really gives my work any depth or feeling.

In 2009 I began to teach Painting and Drawing at San Juan College where I remain employed as an Adjunct Instructor, although I am gradually letting teaching stop, to pursue a full time painting career once again. I teach a Beginning Drawing class and Advanced Impressionist Landscape Painting. I have loved is rewarding to watch students become confident and discover their hidden talents and do beautiful work.  I love seeing the transformation in them, and then.........they are gone, like little birds who've learned to fly.

I continue to paint outdoors as much as possible and am an honorary member of the Plein Aire Painters of the 4 Corners.......and I paint a lot in my studio.  As I connect with galleries and let them do the work of selling, I am happy to spend more time at the easel, or in the greatest studio, outdoors.  And there is always the possibility of opening a small studio and meeting the public again, as I am planning to relocate back to Santa Fe in 2015, and am no longer showing at a gallery there.  I am now 68, 42 years into this profession....and if there is a single thing that motivates me it is God and the bonding of LOVE that makes me the artist and the man I have become.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my work, and that it inspires you to look into nature, for it is in living we discover the greatest art.

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